Dating at age 25

I don't have any regrets You can succeed, travel the world, do all that stuff you've mentioned while being with someone.

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Its definitely not an either or kind of thing, which is where the crux my disagreement with you lies. I do take issue with people who let their lives fall apart cause of a bad breakup. Heck, my ex cheated on me out of the blue ffs. I was sad as hell sure, but nothing's stopping me from doing what I want to do in my life. That's not the fault of being in a relationship.

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That's being a self pitying fool who doesn't value their opportunities. You can, infact find the love of your life early. One of my best mates has been with his girlfriend for 5 years.

I didn't start dating until I was 25—here's what I learned

They're at the same uni and incredibly happy, both extremely ambitious and will probably end up married. If anything, that stability and the fact they bring out the best in each other in many ways has helped them over the last few years. In fact, if you find someone with similar passions, goals and a similar outlook on life, you have someone you care about deeply which is what a suitable partner is likely to have most of along for the ride and that can be an incredible comfort to have in your life. You're in the moment, enjoy it with the person you're in love with.

You grow immeasurably as a person through those experiences, good or bad, and it helps you out a lot when you find the one you settle down with eventually. Which is more important than all of the other stuff, obviously.

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Follow 14 As somebody who has been with their boyfriend for four years since I was 19, I have to disagree. Our relationship is great and without my boyfriend I don't think I would have done half the things I have.

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The relationship hasn't placed any restrictions on our dreams and aspirations. My boyfriend has a Masters and I'm currently finishing my degree. I've gone on holidays and trips with friends, plan to visit Australia for a few months and have never faced any restrictions on the things that I want to achieve. A good relationship won't stop you from doing everything that you want to do. Just because you're under 25 and have a partner, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the things that you want in life.

Follow 15 You've already put you dislike commitment, and so want to spend your time travelling around and earning money. Some of us have other priorities. To me, what you want to do sounds horrible. But that's not to say I don't respect your choice. I respect that to you, it must be lovely. But understand that not everyone wants the same thing. Millie Follow 2 followers 2 badges Send a private message to Millie Follow 16 Are you suggesting nobody has sex before the age of 25 too?

Or would you just have sex with random people for the sake of it? What happens if you meet someone you feel really connected with in your teens or early 20s - would you not act on it just because you weren't 25 and therefore it was pointless? My brother and his wife got together when they were 16, and married a few years later. They celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last year. Their eldest son, who is now 23 has been with his girlfriend since he was about 16 too, although they haven't married. I'm not advocating getting in a relationship for the sake of it at a young age, but if the connection is there then why not go for it?

And I am writing this as a single 27 year old, so certainly no personal experience of teenage romance lasting for decades! Follow 17 Original post by Rump Steak I don't intend to put people down - perhaps I've come across as condescending of people in relationships, but I don't mean to - I'm just trying to emphasise a point here. I certainly wouldn't put people down or judge them on something which most of the time has absolutely no effect on me. Now when I say 'commitment', I meant 'time-commitment', and yes, I'd rather spend my time trying to reach my full potential.

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I'd rather earn a good degree, and focus on getting a decent job before getting into a serious relationship - what are your 'other priorities' then may I ask? That's great, but what exactly's your point here? Mankytoes Follow 20 followers 8 badges Send a private message to Mankytoes. Follow 18 I think it's kind of sad when people see relationships as purely a means to an end- being married with kiddies and living happily ever after.

She makes me happy, and isn't that like the whole point of life? I've got degree, a job, gone travelling, being in a relationship doesn't have to hinder those things, it can help them. I'm the sort of person who can need a push to do things, and my girlfriend often provides that. I don't feel like I need to be in a relationship, in fact I thought I wouldn't get a girlfriend until I was older, until I met her and fell in love.

The OP's tone is a bit irritating, just because they haven't just said "this is personally how I'm choosing to live my life", they've said most other people are pathetic, that they know best. Maybe being single when you're younger works for you, but not for everyone?

Follow 19 From the very start we never considered breaking up because he was off to uni, and ever since he went, its worked out great. We live on the Isle of Man, and he goes to the University of York, so visits can be costly and awkward when you've only got the weekend.

It can be super hard, yet our time apart gives us time to concentrate on everything important!

Best Dating Sites & Apps For Men (By Age Group)

I trust him with the world and I have some of the best memories with him. I'm off to uni myself in September, next year it may be better as i'll be just a train journey away! We've already been on holiday 3 times together, and as soon as we get some money, i know we'll be travelling around the world I know some young relationships can disrupt a lot of things, but not all of them are disasters!

If my relationship were to crumble apart, yes i'd be heartbroken, but i believe even if we did break up and we truly loved each other as much as i know we do, we'd be back together some day i'm sure. I'll admit in the past I've been able to focus more than one of my friends because I'm not obsessing over a relationship. This forum is supported by: Gillette's new ad - what do you think?

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