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Kristen became a mother last year, and she's ready to make some friends, reclaim her life and have some fun.

Jennifer Williams Details What Went Horribly Wrong With “Sweetie Pie’s” Ex-Boyfriend Tim Norman

However, a misunderstanding between Kristen and her soon-to-be mother-in-law CeCe causes Kristen to question her allegiance to her friends and her family. CeCe Gutierrez is a registered nurse who is dating former L.

CeCe is hoping that Bryon will propose any day now. Though new to the group, CeCe quickly becomes the center of attention when a joke about her past spins wildly out of control. Ogom "OG" Chijindu is a professional football player in a women's league who also moonlights as a hairstylist, makeup artist and event planner. As soon as OG is introduced to the group, her aggressive attitude and appearance rubs everyone the wrong way.

Nevertheless, this athlete is too tough and too proud to be intimidated by the alpha females around her. Brandi Maxiell continues to struggle in her relationship with player Jason Maxiell. Although Brandi may have relocated to Dallas, she can't stay away from her best friend Malaysia for long.


Jennifer Williams Dating A White Man | Boom Philly

Will her visit be more than Shaunie and the rest of the OGs can handle? Bonnie-Jill's background as the league's first and only female scout makes her very well-known and well-respected throughout the league.

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Because Bonnie-Jill works so closely with so many players, she may have a hard time running in the same circle as many of their ex-girlfriends, side chicks and babies' mothers. Keonna Green is the ex-girlfriend and high-school sweetheart of a current Los Angeles player whom she's just had her second child with.

On the heels of a very public makeup and breakup with that player and the pop star he's been dating, Keonna turns to Shaunie for some relationship advice and a fresh start. Aja Metoyer had a relationship with a well-known athlete in the NBA. While she and her sister Cristen may run in the same circles, they do not get along, so Aja doesn't mind aggressively airing all of their dirty laundry in public. Cristen Metoyer has a daughter with retired New York player Joe Crawford and hopes that after seven years of dating, maybe this is the year he will finally propose.

Cristen definitely has her guard up coming into the group, but the biggest threat she faces may be coming from within her own family. Suzie Ketcham, the life of every party and well-meaning ex of a prominent player, returns after extensive facial surgery to take on a new challenge: Her penchant for gossip and difficulty in keeping secrets have made the past four seasons a treat, but it's a personal tale about how she sustained her jaw injury years ago that will surprise viewers more than any of her slips in confidentiality. Tasha, joining the circle this season, is a veteran basketball wife whose high-profile marriage to one of the sport's most successful players is not without its perils.

Between tabloid reports of her husband's alleged infidelities and new battles with a stranger who's stalking her online, she's had her share of trouble recently. She's undoubtedly a dividing presence within the circle, as her high-society persona and low tolerance for tomfoolery quickly leads to friction with certain ladies within the group. She's an entrepreneur whose reach has extended from children's clothing to an N.

Royce has been in the spotlight nearly her entire life. Born and raised in Orlando, FL, loving all things sports, she is a former gymnast, competitive cheerleader and dancer for professional basketball teams in both Miami and Orlando. The only thing more colorful than her dance moves is her personality. She is a firecracker, a strong-minded, driven woman who is no stranger to confrontation. While she's a sweetheart most of the time, Royce can turn it on in a hot second and rarely bites her tongue.

In the future, she looks forward to pursuing an acting career. This season, she tries to debunk the negative stereotype of team dancers the wives believe and continues her search for love. Making strides toward a career in music, Kenya's drive and ambition may sometimes hit a sour note with the other wives, but she's not about to let that slow her down.

An instant lightning rod for controversy within the group, the opinionated Kenya adds plenty of drama to the new franchise. When San Antonio's Richard Jefferson called off his engagement to Kesha late in the game, she bounced back in a big way. She picked herself up and parlayed her experience as a New Jersey dancer on the court to running her own successful New York City dance group. This new addition to the group may have grown up a country girl in North Carolina, but don't think she's too sweet to speak her mind now that she is in the bright lights of the big city.

Wife of retired player and current scout Speedy Claxton, Meeka is a self-made real estate entrepreneur that specializes in high-end transactions for some of the larger names in the sports and A-list crowds. Meeka has set her sights on the Miami market and is hitting South Beach to commit to a new outpost.

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No stranger to commitment, Meeka has been with her sweetheart since college. Their courtship and marriage has endured the ups and downs of a basketball league relationship and has given them two beautiful girls.

As the new girl in town, Meeka has no allegiance to anyone -- yet. But with a clear divide between the ladies, she will be forced to pick a side.

Which R&B Star is Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams Dating?

Will they accept her? At the age of only 12 years old, Gloria Govan met the man whom she planned to marry: The two fell in love and now have beautiful identical twin boys.

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  • At the young age of 24, Gloria finds time to do it all; using her business major and book smarts, she is also the executive director of Matt's foundation Athletes vs. Cancer and is heavily involved in several other charities. Gloria is currently focusing full tilt on making a go of her burgeoning acting career. Terron Austin — TerronAustin. But just when you think life is all sandy beaches, Gucci handbags and limousine rides, the drama continues just in time for the cameras to start rolling.

    Jennifer even gives us the update on the status of her current relationships with Royce Reed, Shani and of course, Meca, too. Check out the highlights on what else you might have missed live on the air via the complete interview below. Evelyn got physical by allegedly hitting Jennifer Williams over the head with a handbag. Tune into the show to find out what really went down. Click on your choice of the hottest links below.