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I would rather lose the money than lose my fiance. I am though very interested to hear of other people's opinions, as the only advice I get on this is from my fiance and her parents?

I simply can't discuss this with my parents, as I'm sure their opinion of the situation would rapidly sour, and that is certainly not good for long terms relations between my bride and her future in-laws. Does anyone here have experience of chinese-indonesian marriages? Talk to your future wife. Talk some sense and humility into her. Be careful of what you ask for; you might end up marrying her and her family.

I think you should put your foot down, and start being the man, the husband from day zero. A tree that is planted crooked is hard to straighten out. Last edited by Hombre de Maiz ; , I agree with 2. There seems to be a real disconnect between the families expectations and what you are comfortable with. If you actually invest in property you could potentially loose it all if the marriage didn't work out.

I don't suppose you could move to another country before marrying and therefore avoid all these family pressures? Maybe marry in the country you plan to settle in and come up with some reasons other than the real ones of course why that makes sense or is it too late for that? Another option might be that your money is all tied up at the moment and you will look into buying property when you can get hold of it?

In the meantime get outta here. Last edited by lantern ; , You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it. If I were you I'd do the wedding. My friends told me sometimes you can make money out of it! As for investment in Indonesia I find it ridiculous unless you're loaded. Why they're expecting you to buy a nice house over there, and because of that, you'll probably can only afford to live in smallish apartment in another country?

Thank goodness my family wasn't like that, if they were I'm so ready to cut them off. If you are really set on marrying this woman then it really is up to her. Is she going to marry you if you "put your foot down" by spending less on the wedding and property ie. If not Im happy for you, you are willing to give all you have for her because that is exactly what you will be doing. Welcome to the family. If she isn't on your side on this one you can pretty much count on their future demands owning you for the length of your marriage or life, which ever ends first, no matter what country you live in.

Nag, nag, nag, nag. It sends shivers up and down my spine. If she isn't with you on this I highly suggest you reconsider your stand on having to marry her and think of packing it in and be on the lookout for another marriage candidate no matter how attached you are to her. That can be cured and healed with time but a lifetime of unreasonable demands from her and her family are going to eat at you on a very regular basis or at best yearly.

Eeeeeeeeek, what a freaking nightmare! Nightmarish indeed, and Sliced has not even told us if he is already aware the property would not be on his name.

On Sunday morning, you will see a lot of Indonesian Chinese packed in church or temple. They are very obedient and devoted towards their religion. You will find praying corner in every house on Indonesian Chinese. Most of Indonesian Chinese family hardly give permission for dating. Not only that they usually liked people of their own race, they are really concern about job, religion, family background, education, etc. Signs He is A Boyfriend Material.

Ive seen, most westerners do tend to care she comes out that love u want.

Despite their Chinese descent, Indonesian Chinese spent almost their entire life in Indonesia. Moreover, they are Indonesian citizen. That is way Indonesian Chinese would proudly say that they are Indonesian. Indonesian Chinese like to dress simply and neatly.

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It is due to their natural habit passed down by their parents that, to be a good person, you have to dress well and smells good. While some of Indonesian people keep something to themselves, Indonesian Chinese are the kind of speak them up. Indonesian Chinese living in Indonesia are extremely rich. Most of them come from well-off family or else they have well-paid job.

They manage themselves pretty good. Most of Indonesian Chinese family are extremely rich. Whether they run their own business usually in trading or sitting on a highly position of a company. It is also due to their nature that concern to job, future, and wealth. One positive traits from Indonesian Chinese are their honesty.

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Indeed, you can differentiate by yourself the look of Indonesian Chinese and Indonesian local people. They have cute eyes and white skin, which would you get love in first sight. Chinese people are famous for setting their own place in almost every part of the world called Chinatown.

Built in , Jakarta Kota is one of the oldest train stations in Indonesia, this station is still operating up to this day. It is used as terminus station for commuter lines as well as several inter-city trains. Jakarta Kota station become tourism attraction since it maintains its old Dutch Architecture despite the modernization.


Welcome to the Jakarta Chinatown! Not too far from Jakarta Kota Station, you will arrived at Pancoran Street Jalan Pancoran , a street lined with various Chinese shops selling Chinese attributes such as lanterns, candles, hio, and also food. This street is always busy, particularly near the Chinese New Year. But its actually a Catholic church built with the mixture of Chinese architecture and Indonesian culture. The temple was built in by Chinese liutenant.

This place has always crowded and full of Chinese people praying in there.

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Petak sembilan is a Chinese traditional market where the seller is all Chinese. Along the street they sell goods like fruits, vegetables, and flowers. From Jalan Gadjah Mada towards Jalan Mangga Besar, you will find lots of shops, street vendors, even shopping mall along the streets. They sell various things like electronics, textiles and garments, gadgets, and almost anything you need.

The sellers here are open for bargaining.