Forensic carbon-14 dating

In the CAMS spectrometer, negative ions made in an ion source are accelerated in a field of hundreds of thousands of volts. The accelerated ions smash through a thin carbon foil or gas that destroys molecular species. After passing through a high-energy mass spectrometer and various filters, the ions slow to a stop in a solid-state or gas-ionization detector. The system identifies individual ions by the rate at which they slow down. Challenges come from near and far. For instance, we have become a leader in biological AMS research, and we have generated isotopes to calibrate sample recovery instruments for the National Ignition Facility.

In addition, CAMS offers research opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Some of these scientists launch long-term careers at the Laboratory, such as geochemist Tom Guilderson. We have a group focus, a community of true team players. This innovative culture makes CAMS and Lawrence Livermore a great place to work and to deliver breakthrough discoveries on important scientific challenges.

Buchholz also worked with a CAMS team on an international collaboration to study neuron growth in the human brain.

Creation v. Evolution: How Carbon Dating Works

For most of the 20th century, scientists thought that neurogenesis stops shortly after birth. In the s, however, studies of rodents showed that neuron growth continues in the olfactory bulb region associated with smell. Although this growth was not found in nonhuman primates, researchers wondered if the human brain generated neurons in appreciable numbers throughout life, and if so, what areas of the brain were involved.

CAMS researchers measured the concentration of carbon in genomic DNA of neurons from the hippocampus to help collaborators in Europe develop a model for exploring how and how often different types of hippocampal cells regenerate.

How Does Carbon Dating Work

The team then took cells from the hippocampus of human cadavers, isolated the nuclei from neurons and nonneuronal cells, and extracted the DNA for analysis. Results showed that, in nonneuronal cells, the turnover rate declines with age. That is, as humans grow older, their brains create fewer nonneuronal cells.

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The measurements in neuronal genomic DNA told a different story. These markers and others showed no dramatic decline in hippocampal neurogenesis with age. The team is still exploring the exact role of hippocampal neurons, in particular, because neuron growth is important for healthy aging. New neurons are required for efficient pattern separation and allow the brain to process and store similar experiences as distinct memories.

Older cells are necessary for pattern completion, helping people to associate similar memories with each other. Studies also indicate that reduced neurogenesis plays a role in psychiatric diseases such as depression, but questions remain about the processes involved. Every 5, years half of the carbon present will decay to nitrogen This is known as the half-life of carbon Let's take an example. An archeologist extracts a gram of carbon from an ancient bone and measures the emitted radioactivity at between 15 to 16 beta emissions per minute.

A gram of carbon was also extracted from the bones of an animal that had recently died and the emission recorded at 62 beta emissions per minute. Estimate the age of the bones.

What is Radiocarbon Dating?

Beta emission for the old sample is one quarter that of the fresh sample. Two half-lives have passed thus the amount of time elapsed is 11, years. Wood from an ancient boat was sampled. A one gram carbon sample was obtained and beta emissions recorded. It was found that the emissions were The live part of the tooth, principally dentin, is similar to bone, with high collagen content and slow turnover and recycling of the carbon.


Its collagen provides little information from 14 C other than whether an individual was alive during the pulse[ 10 ]. The crown of the tooth is cut away from the root at the level of the cervical line. Approximately every 24 hrs the NaOH is replaced and the soft non-enamel structures etched away using blunt dissection. This procedure is repeated daily until all dentin and soft structures are stripped from the enamel. Enamel is weighed to the nearest 0. Aliquots of the enamel samples are placed in culture tubes for pre-treatment to remove the surface carbon that may have contaminated the enamel between formation and analysis.

Since the carbon content of enamel is 0.

Forensic science-carbon dating

Enamel samples are immersed in 1. The acid pre-treatment is designed to etch the outer surface of the enamel that was exposed to the harsh alkali environment earlier without dissolving too much of the enamel. Base always contains some carbonate that can potentially exchange with the enamel during the enamel preparation step. Furthermore, alkali solutions remove CO 2 from the atmosphere and produce carbonate and bicarbonate in solution that can precipitate.

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  8. Each dried enamel sample is broken into 5—10 pieces and placed in an individual single-use reactor and again weighed to the nearest 0. The harsher acid etching method removes a couple milligrams of exterior enamel surface in a mg enamel sample. The evolved CO 2 is purified, trapped, and reduced to graphite in the presence of iron catalyst in individual reactors[ 17 , 18 ]. Background values are controlled by consistently following procedures, frequently baking sample tubes and CuO oxidizer, and maintaining a clean lab[ 19 ]. The general operation is similar to that described by reference 19 when performing high-precision measurements of 18, year old turbidites used as secondary standards.

    Details on the design of the AMS system and its operation can be found in the literature[ 20 — 23 ]. Enamel samples are usually full sized and contemporary, so analysis times are relatively rapid, generally about 5 minutes. The enamel samples are measured for 30, 14 C counts per cycle for 4—7 cycle repetitions and achieve standard deviations of 0. Corrections for background contamination introduced during AMS sample preparation are made following the procedures of [ 24 ].

    The enamel samples are organized in groups of 10—14 unknowns bracketed by primary standards with one primary standard in the middle of the group. The secondary standards, primary standards and group of unknowns are measured consecutively as a cycle. Upon completion of a cycle the set of primary standards, secondary standards and unknown samples are measured again until desired precision is achieved. A typical group of 14 enamel samples is measured completely in 2—3 h.

    This convention established for reporting radiocarbon data in chronological and geophysical studies was not developed to deal with post-bomb data, but it is the most common pending the adoption of a standard nomenclature for post-bomb data[ 28 ]. F 14 C is defined in Eq. It is enrichment or depletion of 14 C relative to oxalic acid standard normalized for isotope fractionation.

    The average age at which enamel formation is completed for each specific tooth has been determined previously and is dependent on the tooth number and gender of the person[ 4 , 15 ]. In cases where the sex of a person is unknown, the average time for enamel completion for males and females can be calculated. This gives an estimated date of birth. If it is not obvious whether an individual is born before or after the peak of the bomb tests, then two teeth with different enamel laydown times need to be analysed — this will distinguish whether the 14 C measurement relates to the rising or falling part of the curve[ 15 ].

    Radiocarbon dating of human tooth enamel provides a reliable and accurate dating strategy for determining the date of birth of an individual.

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