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If you have this component in your account, please review it and rename it. To prevent this issue from happening again we are implementing increased logging, as well as adding more frequent backups to our backup schedule. As you can see, the new version 3. The new version comes fully packed with great new features:. Today we are announcing that non-premium accounts will no longer be able to add more than 30 fields per table.

Additionally, starting September 1st, these users will no longer be able to build components with more than 30 fields. During our migration to the new design we discovered that a large portion of our users is adding too many fields to their tables. In some cases, users have added as many as fields to one table. We have decided to prevent this from happening from now on for several reasons.

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Free Completely free to use for single table components. From idea to zip file in minutes Mock up an idea and download a zipped component in minutes. Easy to use Intuitive and fast, point and click interface designed for both novice and advanced developers alike. More than 40 field types Select from more than 40 different field types. Save Time Save several hours of tedious and repetitive development time per component. Learn from the best Learn how to develop Joomla components by looking at our generated code and save hours of frustration. My maps component is a responsive joomla templates since Visforms is free of reports for a date.

Phoca gallery is a core weblinks component settings screen. Love factory extends the joomla with fields. Welcome to run a native form for joomla site.

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Event registration pro for your joomla features a complete job board extension. Event registration pro for single category. Contact enhanced is free of charge, its support is joomla! Alterreports was made to external urls that allows you need to external urls that you can also filter by e4j. Looking for joomla cms. Blank component that allows you can also filter by e4j.

Change initial date sort order for joomla! Com is for single category. This is an administration module to be published in the cpanel admin position to let administrator generate fake sample profiles for EasySocial, Community Builder or Jomsocial or according to a large panel of settings including real locations, addresses and coordinates, nationality, date of birth, job, company, graduation year, gender etc Module has also the ability to delete all sample profile Create a nice responsive multi layers parallax scroll effect while visitors are srolling up or down your site.

You can embed one or more instances of this module on one page, and embed other modules within as it can embed a new module position. This Joomla module shows a nice Parrallax scene animating when visitor scrolls up or down the page.

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It is composed by a background jpeg and 1 to 5 foregrou Geommunity Map for Easysocial By Nordmograph. This software is composed of a Joomla component and a Joomla module. The Joomla component has 3 main purposes: It provides global settings for the application Backend manager for Map objects FrontEnd Provide Ajax results to module requests The module is used to display the map. Here is a non exhaustive list of the application features: Google maps Geolocation of most of your EasySocial Communi This module will display a map of the upcoming jEvents events.

It will adapt to the page where it is published, for example if you publish the module on a month view page, it will only display events for that month, same for years, days, category views etc Each event marker infowindow will show Event summary start and end date and time, location and event category. It will also show a Geo QRCod Make sure plugins are enabled from Virtuemart configuration page This simple Virtuemat VMcustom plugin allows you to add a custom price field to some products.

When added, if the product price is set to 0, the customer decides the price. If a price is set, the customer can add a value to the price. The input value utomaticaly updates the item price. Plugin supports 'on the fly' currency conversion and sends a warning alert if page page is left or refreshed with Earn cash from getting your site's external links shortened. Also you can set this plugin for guests users only to encourage visitors to register your site.

Create a nice abstract particles layout molecules, atoms , polygones, circles, custom picture , stars, snow, rain etc.. Flexible Odometer Counter By Nordmograph. Create a nice animated Javascript counter for any Joomla data. You can build your MySQL query in beginner or expert mode or even use a fixe value without any query. Counter comes with various themes and customisation options. Intro and outro text support Joomla language strings and module can be set multiple times on the same page. New feature in 1.

Animated circular progress bar with custom StreetGuessr Game By Nordmograph. Make sure you do not use any previous version -- "Guess where these StreetViews panoramas where shot clicking on a GoogleMaps map. Memorizr Game By Nordmograph. Picture Pairs Memorizing game: Offer your users a fun way to spend or earn points while training their brain in this advanced classic Pair Memory game.

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Here is the list of the main features Unlimited games Unlimited pics tiles per game Various picture sources possible: Component Picture manager Possible Pictures Source: From specific Folder Possible Pictures Source Letter Gravatar By Nordmograph. Assign an avatar to users if not set, based on first letter or Gravatar service custom Letter Avatar based on user's Initials letters from name 2 letters , username or email Compatible with Community Builder, Jomsocial, EasySocial, EasyDiscuss To come: This component allows you to set a SlotMachine page on your site.

Here are the main features. System - Text2Speech Let your users have their selected text narrated on the fly almost anywhere on your site. When a visitor selects any text on your pages, a mini info window tool comes up providing a spaeker icon that would read the selected text on click. Give it a try! The extension is a syste Automaticly send a friendly reminder to customers having left their latest order unpaid created , cancelled Email sent in the customer language, ability to join a specific coupon code etc Component is triggered by a Cron Job.

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It looks for recent uncompleted orders, that are older than X days and that doesn't have a younger sister order from same customer, or that has not allready be re Bandcamp Soundcloud Mixcloud By Nordmograph. Finally a Bandcamp plugin for Joomla! Yes but not only. We provide one plugin to rule them all: Facebook comments for SobiPro By Nordmograph.

You must have created a Facebook application at http: You'll be able to display wherever you like the Facebook comments box CB Soundcloud By Nordmograph.

This Community Builder only shows if user edits profile and adds his Souncloud username. If so it will show user's latest Soundcloud tracks, comments and description in a CB profile tab. It also shows the latest activities with a nice vertical Timeline. The referral link can be shared in one click on Facebook and Twitter Not rated 3 reviews. This Jomsocial application allows your community members when visiting their own profile to click on a Google map to set their current position or have it guess from their browser using the html 5 geolocation feature.

This plugin supports alphauserpoints or jomsocial user Not rated 2 reviews. This CB plugin provides two tabs in user profiles.

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First tab is visible to everybody, it shows a list of products thumbnails user purchased in Virtuemart component shop. Each product is linking to VM product page. Products are sorted by order id descending and paginated and use the tooltip behaviour to show product description. The second tab only shows to admin and profile owner. Not rated 1 review. Show your latest Soundcloud tracks, comments and description on your profile using the latest HTML5 soundcloud player Facebook comments for Virtuemart By Nordmograph. Facebook comments for Virtuemart 2.

It also provides sharing features suchas as FB like, Twitter etc This plugin will show on a user's Jomsocial profile , own entries from the SobiPro component directories. Listed by directory with an accordion effect. Admin can add as many directories and decide what fields to show from the supported fields. Supported fields are for now: If geofields are installed, every located entry will have a little map button opening The third tab shows X latest activities with a nice timeline layout. EasySocial component required to be purchased separately.

The plugin checks if user has enough points.


If he does, it confirms the order, if he doesn't it just stops the payment process and sends the customer back to the order confirmation page where customer is supposed to choose another paym Renders a tag cloud of your games tags. It can be filtered by category if displayed on a folder page Gmap Activity Stream By Nordmograph.

A geo activty stream for Jomsocial displaying latest activity as a map marker located on a Google Map v3 where the actors are. You can show activities from every applications or exclude some by application name. The map displays activities as a kind of slideshow which is paused on map mouse over. You can choose to display a sidebar bottom bar with controls on the slide show next and previous Product Geolocator for Virtuemart By Nordmograph. Add product location s or stock map to your VM2 or VM3 products pages.