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And not just those vague yes or no questions either. I once met a very handsome guy who happened to have a generally unique name. So being that I love to google guys I knew I would be able to find info on him because of the unique spelling of his name. So I hit him up like… so just for clarification you are single right? I never spoke to him again. Unless she got married 2 days before that conversation he was lying.

He never knew I found his page cuz I never mentioned it. No time for fake ones.

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Dodged a bullet on that one. People have a right to date multiple people at a time as long as they are honest and forthcoming with the truth when the time calls for it. AND as long as they are in non committed interactions. Well… maybe I will feel some type of way about it lol but I will get over it. Just get your own dating weight up… or settle for being the person with one basket full of eggs waiting to be heartbroken.

Well, to me, that all depends on a few factors: Factor 3 Now this one is kinda heavy.

Dating Exclusively

Dating websites are also no longer seen as taboo, and if you have no plans for a Friday night, all you have to do is simply log on to one of your profiles, and a new love interests could be right there at your fingertips. When a guy is interested in you and only you, he will be in constant contact with you. Every morning before he rises, he will shoot you a good morning text message. Throughout the day, he will keep you updated on all the crazy things going on at his job; and before he goes asleep, he will send you a good night message.

But the guy who is dating multiple women will suddenly disappear off the face of the Earth for days at a time…without any explanation, of course.

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Men disappear because something better came along, or one of their other options is in need of their attention. Men who have a bunch of women lined up to go on dates with will frequently cancel on you if a better option comes around. Instead, back off from him completely. Let him know your time is valuable, and most importantly, give him a dose of his own medicine by keeping your options open, too!

Men are known to get their rear in gear once they realize you have a roster of eligible bachelors of your own.

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  • A guy who is looking for a serious relationship will want to make the person their interested in feel special. Exploring and learning more about what makes her tick behind closed doors will be one of his top priorities. A romp in the sheets that is over within minutes and leaves you feeling unsatisfied is not a good sign. A guy who is only looking to make himself happy will consider you and afterthought, and after your time is over, he will leave your house and return to prowling the streets for someone new. When it comes to relationships, opening up to your partner is an important part of bonding and learning more about each other.

    When you're the one who always has the crazy dating stories...

    Most relationships begin to flourish when one or both partners lets their guard down - revealing their flaws, insecurities, hopes, dreams and fears. Guys are taught to have a tough exterior, and they are not as willing to be emotional in front of you. Oh, that girl you saw in the background of his Snapchat story? The girl who keeps leaving heart emojis on his Instagram comments? The girl he went to dinner and a movie with last night? So keep your eyes peeled for guys who are way too friendly with other women. All the sudden he started to banish.

    Long story short we continued on and off until I went to business trip. The day before I left I told my guy to do a soul search and get his feelings for me together. The first day of the business trip, a coworker and I really click. We already knew each other from work, but we never had the opportunity to spend time together or have a long talk.

    That day, we were both unhappy to be there, we had other priorities in mind, but with was too late to tell our bosses that.

    The Tinder Revolution

    During lunch, we started talking about relationships. I then told him about my situation, he told me he was in shock that I was still talking to that guy. The night went along, all the coworkers went clubbing since it was our night free. My coworker and I were together most of the time. We danced, laughed, drank, and enjoyed each other company. At the end of the night, we went back to my hotel room and had drunk sex.

    The next day, neither of us regret, but agreed to keep a secret.

    That afternoon we had sex for a second time. At the end of the weekend, we went back home, we both agreed it was an amazing weekend. He asked me how it was and I told him, it was better than what expected for a business trip and that was it. Forgetting that in that trip was my ex-bff which she was the one planned a blind date with this guy. I totally forgot that back stabber bitch the was there. We stopped been friends because she started taking behind my back and I caught her more than twice. Apparently, she had nothing better to do, but to take pictures of me while in the business trip and as soon as she got home, she told my guy that I was been too friendly with another guy the entire weekend.

    The guy never asked me until the middle of the week.


    Then we had sex one more time and I decided to cut him off completely. My coworker and I continued building a friendship. He would call me every day, asked me to see me, we would out to eat. He never asked me or approached for sex which was a bit confusing for me because I was like we did it already, so why has he even mentioned? A couple weeks later, he told me he was going to travel to Europe, something told me to casually ask if he was going by himself.

    The answer was shocking to me, he said he was going with a friend a girl. Another week passed, and I was still confused we so much in common. Thankfully, at this point I was not attached to him yet because I thought that like any other guy, he would eventually banished after having sex. This time it was not happening yet, he was kind and lovely. He told me he admired me, etc… I then decided to ask about the girl and he told that she was a friend that he travels with.

    He went on his trip and as soon as he got here, he called and asked me out. He had a great time and had sex. Everything went by smoothly, until I started to wonder about the other girl. He acted like he understood, but continued looking for me. He even told me to give him a chance.