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Be confident, have a sense of humor, have something interesting to say or questions to ask, and let the booze flow. Also got lucky at Whole Foods once lol. Also how did it happen at wholefoods? I only really hit up bars alone for a short time, when I first came to my neighborhood a few months ago. I wanted to explore the area, so I literally just went to places I thought looked cool, ordered a drink and chatted with the bartender and other people there. I found these places just from walking by. Sometimes they had live music, sometimes drink specials. At Whole Foods, I ended up talking to one of those brand ambassadors that pimp out the free samples.

I was wearing gym clothes and we struck up a conversation about fitness.

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I asked for their business card, didn't have one, so we exchanged numbers. I hope this isn't too "captain obvious", but I think it's more important to be easy to talk to and easy to look at than to have conversation starters in your back pocket. But here are some ideas:. Check out bars that have landed on a "best of" list: Check out a singles' event in a room full of people who are unattached, definitely not everyone there will be looking for a boyfriend: I'm in the same boat as you, all my friends got new jobs and are busy all the time now, I dont have social anxiety and am very extroverted especially when I'm out, but haven't really gone out for weeks now, what part of the city u lookin for?

I would just go to places like Washington Sq, Central and Bryant park and talk to girls there durring the daytime. There's a few yt channels that helped me out with this too such as RSDTyler.

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Make the objective to just have a good time. Be more social and you'll be good in a few months. Nobody is going to care if you go up to some cute girl and talk to them, and chances are if you make her smile you'll be a positive influence on thier day that they probably are bored of.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. AskNYC submitted 11 months ago by Bossdon How can i go out alone and approach a girl without seeming like a weird creep?

How to Get Laid At A Bar In About 15 Minutes

Want to add to the discussion? A therapist might help, or a psychiatrist who can proscribe anxiety medication.

Make yourself a regular at any bar that you like Step 2: Get good at drinking and holding your liquor Step 4: But here are some ideas: Find a reason to ask a nearby girl her opinion on something ideally not politics ; this is easier if you're already chatting with the bartender or a bar buddy about it. Ask "Have you been here before? Tell girl s your friend bailed on you and ask them to do a shot with you I don't typically advocate lying, but this is benign. Think of how you would initiate conversation with strangers in other situations and apply what you can here; break the ice with a neutral talking point and then introduce yourself.

This cocktail bar has private couches with curtains and a buzzer to call your waitress — a little on the nose, maybe, but it works. Choose someone from the groups of friends lots of locals and servers from nearby restaurants , ask them to light your Parliament, and the rest will probably be history. The types of people who find you attractive even as you eat in-the-bag Frito chili pie are probably good people, right? Also, you shouldn't lead with something sexual. If you're a guy, for the most part, girls won't want to dance with you before they've had a conversation. If you're a girl, don't lead with calling a guy cute.

The Best NYC Hookup Spots

Lead with something funnier, like a sarcastically phrased insult. If you're a relaxed, fun person, you're much more likely to get laid than the person who leads with the "you're attractive," or "want to dance," or worse, some really inappropriate groping. No one wants their first interaction with you to be nonconsensual groping. We're not saying you have to wear a belly shirt and a mini skirt, nor should you don a tuxedo and bow tie. We are saying that people in NYC know how to look good, and if you show up the bar in sweatpants and sneakers, it's probably not going to go well for you.

If you're a girl, a guy will be more likely to approach if you've put effort into your appearance. That's not sexism, that's just true. Wear an outfit you feel good in, and flaunt it with confidence. Confidence is the most attractive trait there is. The second most attractive trait? Really excited to try this reserve. Buying too many drinks for someone makes you look desperate, but buying one shot is cool. Clinking shot glasses is even cooler, and nothing can loosen up someone's inhibition like a little whiskey or tequila.