Dating egotistical man

Would you be willing to focus on just this problem and help me? You may have gotten into the habit of just listening to your partner and letting him control the conversations. Start a new pattern of conversation by interjecting with topics you are interested in or thoughts you are having. There is a solid chance that your egotistic partner is going to do or say something that makes you angry or sad at some point, because what you are doing is difficult and can be frustrating.

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Try to add a compliment or a praise in and then tell her what upsets you, carefully and tactfully. You are really good at it, and I want to learn. It just really hurts me when you tell it to me like I'm a nine year old kid.

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Maybe you know more about it than I do, too. I would just really like for you to respect my opinion even if it is different than yours and not laugh at me for sharing it with you. Be true to yourself. Be careful not to change who you are in your relationship with an egotist. A selfish person will bring out the giver or the care-taker in you; which could be potentially harmful.

Just as you may have to accept that your partner is selfish, he have to accept that you are going to be just who you are as well. That should just be one more thing he loves about you. If you find you are the giver in the relationship and you feel that your partner is always taking, then invest some of your energy into other interests to protect yourself from the relationship imbalance. You can always put your giving energy into volunteering as well. Try organizations such as Volunteer Match or Volunteer Finder.

Even if your partner is trying to change, there are potential pitfalls that come from being in a relationship with an egotist. You may be helping her change, being patient while she works through some things, and trying to boost her self-esteem. Make sure, during this time, you are staying aware of how you feel. There may be some ups and down, and it is important you remain aware of how it is affecting you. Keep track of how happy you are in the relationship and how your day-to-day life is being affected. Notice how drained or exhausted you are feeling and make sure to give yourself the time and attention needed to recover.

Try not to let this relationship become all-consuming for your life. Spend time with friends, or work on a hobby or interest that is important to you.

Big -- Not Strong Ego

Set firm boundaries if she tries to push your buttons or engage you in a fight. You can say something like, "I'm not going to respond when you're yelling at me like this. I'm going to go in the other room and we can talk again in an hour when we've calmed down.

Find a support system. While you are navigating this change together, it is important that you both have support systems you can use as a resource. Focus on people that help you and make you feel good about yourself. They should be people that you trust and feel comfortable with.

3 Ways to Have a Romantic Relationship With an Egotistic Person

Friends Family Religious Community Counselors or therapists. Consider leaving the relationship if it is not making you happy. It is not always a healthy idea to stay with an egotist. He may not be able or willing to change in the way you need him to. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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  • Dating a Man With a Big Ego.
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      Why Awakened Women Tend To Attract Egotistical Men

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