Dating someone with a crazy ex wife

You will not convince him otherwise. You will have to accept this as his decision.

If you are OK with his decision then keep this in mind and accept your place and the place of your children in his life as second. This situation is not nearly as uncommon as you think. Here's my take on the scoreboard: You have six months.

You are just a blip on the radar screen, Sweetie. Real relationships have real arguments, heated discussions, simple disagreements, and hopefully resolutions and compromises. It's part of communication. If you don't argue, you are not seeing reality. My guess is that you would like to have an argument with him, something along the lines of, Why is she so darn important to you? She is history, I'm the here and now! I get so angry when you put her first!

How Do I Deal With My Boyfriend’s Psycho Ex-Wife? Dear Betch

But you don't want to fight, so you shift the blame to her, someone you don't even know and haven't even met. The technical term is displaced aggression. I suggest you sit down with your bf and have your first disagreement. It doesn't have to be a fight, but your thoughts, concerns, and emotions need to be shared with HIM and not directed at his ex. I don't think 6 months is that long either. My first what the hell? Iam is right - the reality is that even the healthiest couples disagree every now and then.

And even the healthiest couples sometimes have raw, ugly spats. If you never fight, something is wrong. Why haven't you brought this up to HIM if it bothers you so much? He's the one who answers her calls, he's the one who decides to help her which, btw, isn't all that uncommon - it's not like he's hanging out with her. But, you have a valid complaint, and a valid reason for bringing it up. So, bring it up.

Dating a Guy Who Has a Crazy Ex

What Iam said makes sense - why are you deflecting your anger at HIM onto someone you have never even met?? So how do you handle it? What do you do? There are no easy answers in these scenarios and as many variations as there are people, couples, and divorcing dramas. If the divorce came as a shock, if the spouse found out about a long term affair or a series of affairs, if the ex is constantly playing games with child support or visitation — and would you know, really, if this were the case?

After all, you thought your spouse was terrific at first, too, right? But what if the accusations are true? What if your new guy is a serial cheater or has an abuse problem? What if the accusations are even partially true? Does this change your sympathies? Does it encourage you to question how long and how well you know your potential new flame? And remember my starting premise — you always have those two options when your date comes with a crazy ex.

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She is the single mother of two boys. They owned a biz together and had two kids which really fueled the fires.

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He used to send me suggestive text messages then get mad when I shared them with his girlfriends he had been warned that I was not keeping secrets, they had a right to know and I wished someone had told me the truth. There may be a lot of words of wisdom that you can get about your new guy and there may be loads of truth in it.

How to get along with your partner's ex-wife

Except actually she became my biggest ally when I left my husband. I wish I had listened to what she tried to tell me but I believed my new guy when he said his ex was just crazy. AND… I know after I left my husband, he told everyone that I was crazy, a liar, a thief, I was faking cancer and on and on.

Setting Boundaries

We will never know the dynamics of their former relationship. We are hearing one side of the story and the truth is somewhere else. Closer to his version or hers?