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Existing users can rate new members in Amanda. Only approved members can join the service. This selectivity drove demand as it prompted users to prove themselves worthy of joining the app. The high-quality pool also motivates users to spend a fortune. New users set their desired characteristics and the app recommends others who match the preferences and have given the new user a high score.

Knowing that someone scored you highly makes it irresistible to make an in-app purchase to discover who they are. Similarly, You and I allows users to view up to 16 profiles and choose one winner. Viewing limitations seem to be a revenue driver as these apps are the top-grossing apps in the Social app category.

South Koreans turn to the pros to find Seoul mates

Amanda added this feature so the app would resonate with local users, as dating apps are still not yet widely accepted in Korean culture. Dating services have been popular in Japan since the early s. Now, they are becoming more diverse as publishers try to create suites of apps that follow couples throughout their relationship journey. And where women gather, men are sure to want to go. You've reached your 5 free content limit for the month.

Consuming good content is clearly your thing.

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I'll check these things out. I tried out Tinder for the hell of it. It's not finding many people and the ones it does find are simply not sharing my interests. I'm not into partying, drinking, and camping which seems to be popular here.

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Morfee Super Waygook Posts: TheEnergizer on January 13, , Been hearing a lot of people hooking up on Tinder I've had no luck on tinder, skout is another app but watch out for that, there are prostitues on there and well not my cup of tea. Other people have found luck on 1km entirely korean badoo, and okcupid.

It's easy to hook up for foreign women, almost all my friends have found it easy to hook up. Which is probably why I'm getting no luck because I don't do hookups. Mister Tim Hero of Waygookistan Posts: BigEaredHylian on January 14, , Read times weigookin74 The Legend Posts: Logged BlackBox Newgookin Posts: Now, for that kind of meet ups, bars are your only hope. A lesser quality girl hangs out there and are more willing to go home with you after your first meeting. Be warned though, if she went home with you that quick, chances are she did it as well with someone else.

And Koreans are not well-known for their use of protection. So make it clear, though she may be cool with, no glove no love son. Ok, for foreign girls here, it's different. The pretty ones get too much attention.

Dating or meeting apps?

The foreign guys here give them too much attention, the Korean guys that are interested in foreign girls give them too much. Good luck dating a model status white girl here. Because of the low competition rate, they play even harder to get than back home. However, the less desirable foreign girls and we all know what I mean are a bit desperate.

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They used to get attention back home, even if they were pounds overweight. But here, with so many thin pretty and obsessed with outward appearances Korean girls, they get little to no attention from guys here.

Foreign guys have their eyes on other prizes and Korean guys really aren't into fat white girls. This drives them to either drink and eat heavily thus exasperating their predicament or bed down with the first bloke to matches their eye contact. I've seen that happen a lot. The match has been lit.

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